Author & Other Support Services

Professional Author’s Assistant Services

As an author’s assistant, I coordinate the publishing process and manage technical, creative, and administrative tasks for an author. As a professional author’s assistant, I:

• Perform e-Book design and layout
• Locate resources for book cover and interior design and layout
• Research target markets for authors and prepare book proposals
• Coordinate the publishing process from start to finish
• Schedule virtual book tours

Virtual Assistant Services

I am a highly skilled professional with over 35 years of experience and training. Having worked with all levels of management in a wide variety of industries and being knowledgeable in all areas of business, I can:

• Perform project management
• Write, edit, and prepare articles, proposals, and presentations
• Publish online newsletters and blogs
• Manage databases and lists for blogs & newsletters

Testimonials for Peggy Peterson of Peak Editing and Virtual Support, LLC

The Business of Wanting More (Non-Fiction: Management & Leadership)

“Peggy Peterson helps me relax! I know when I give a project to Peggy she will be thorough and use her exquisite judgment. I have used Peggy as a virtual assistant and editor of articles and white papers. Her Author’s Assistant training proved invaluable to me during the process of getting my book, The Business of Wanting More, to print. She is extremely hard working with an incredible attention to detail and an uncanny ability to anticipate what’s needed. I highly recommend Peggy, if you have standards, that is.”

- Brian Gast, Executive Coach, Author, Speaker


“I have found Peggy to be thorough, efficient, accurate, dependable, and engaging. I completely trust her with all my personal affairs and rely on her extensive business experience. Peggy holds herself to high standards and her word is her bond.”

- Rosa Mazone, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


“Peggy’s consummate professionalism, maturity, common sense, pleasant nature, and sense of humor make her an ideal partner for success. In addition to her skills and maturity, her ethical standards are beyond question.”

- Diana DeLisle, Virtual Assistant


“Peggy and I worked closely together—both side-by-side and virtually—for a number of years. She is great, motivated, and sincere in all she does.”

- Robert LaFlamme, Consultant