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The Facilitator’s and Trainer’s Toolkit: Engage and Energize Participants for Success in Meetings, Classes, and Workshops (Non-Fiction: Business)

“My editor, Peggy Peterson, has been instrumental in not only correcting my grammar and sentence structure, but also suggesting ideas to make the flow of this professional “story” better. I am grateful to her for her contribution.”

- Artie Mahal, Author


One Hundred Words (Fiction)

“Heartfelt thanks to my editor, Peggy Peterson, for the many hours spent helping me polish my words until they shone. Thank you for believing in my book.”

- Lauren Hallstrom, Author


Testimonial from the Love and Logic Institute

“Peggy has proofread numerous short articles, brochures, workbooks and other printed documents for us. She has been especially helpful in proofreading some of our books. We rely on her expertise to ensure proper grammar, punctuation, and readability. The works Peggy proofs for us are always returned quickly. She is very professional, easy to work with, and always responds in a timely manner.”

- Love and Logic Institute, Inc.


Call Me Victoria: Life Poems and Stories from Trial to Triumph! (Biography)

“Peggy Peterson’s editorial expertise came to me at just the right time and at just the right investment. In her awareness that I was a first-time author of a book, she worked with me tirelessly and patiently to make sure my book would be polished and meet the highest possible standards in a timely manner.”

- Vicky Jeter, RSc.P, Author


Dreamweaver (Fiction)

Lauren acknowledges Peggy Peterson in her book: “To Peggy Peterson, my amazing editor, for the long phone conversations and for never settling for ‘good enough.’

- Lauren Hallstrom, Author


Be the One: Get Hired, Be Promoted, and Excel in Leadership (Non-Fiction: Business)

From the Acknowledgements Page: “Peggy Peterson, my editor, who made Be the One come alive.”

- Peter F Williams, Author


 align=Rednecks Vs. Zombies (Fiction)

“Thank you to Peggy Peterson, my editor, for turning my C- manuscript into an A+ book. You helped me through the editing process every step of the way. Your eye for detail and your patience and willingness to answer every one of my questions was invaluable to me.”

- Charles Toyne, Author


Leading Effective Virtual Teams: Overcoming Time and Distance to Achieve Exceptional Results (Non-Fiction: Business)

“Thanks to the terrific editing and formatting of Peggy Peterson, I was able to submit my manuscript ahead of schedule, an amazing feat. Peggy transformed my raw content into a final manuscript and I could not have done this without her help.”

- Nancy M. Settle-Murphy, Author


Tap Into Your Power: Increasing Access to Your Inherent Power (Non-Fiction: Self-Help)

“Peggy Peterson helped her client self-publish this book on Amazon.com. She not only helped with the design of the book, she edited and proofread it, set it to Createspace.com’s publishing parameters, and submitted it to them to publish on Amazon.com. She is listed on the copyright page of this book as the book design and layout person.”


Testimonial from ICF North Texas Coaches

“Peggy has edited and set up our newsletters for the past five years, as well as sending out special emails to our members and non-members from our web site. She is extremely responsive to our last-minute requests and her flexibility and service mindset make her a joy to work with. Our newsletter is very complex, with graphics, many new pages each month, and the need to post to our web site as well. Peggy is always positive and goes the extra mile to make us happy and deliver a professional newsletter that our members have come to enjoy very much. We strongly endorse her work!”

- ICF North Texas Coaches, Susan Shapiro, President


Testimonial from the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA)

“Peggy was instrumental in ADD Coach Academy’s (ADDCA) achieving accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for ADDCA’s training programs. Her assistance in the preparation and submission of ADDCA’s accreditation application to the ICF for our coach training programs was vital to our success in our accreditation. Peggy worked closely with me in the editing and proofreading of all course materials and other written submissions. She also assisted in the cleaning up (and sometimes creating) and inserting graphics in our materials. Peggy’s tracking of the status of the project pieces helped to keep us on schedule. She responded to our requests quickly and was very easy and extremely pleasant to work with.”

- Barbara Luther,  Master Certified Coach and Director of Training


Testimonials for Author and Virtual Support

The Business of Wanting More (Non-Fiction: Management & Leadership)

“Peggy Peterson helps me relax! I know when I give a project to Peggy she will be thorough and use her exquisite judgment. I have used Peggy as a virtual assistant and editor of articles and white papers. Her Author’s Assistant training proved invaluable to me during the process of getting my book, The Business of Wanting More, to print. She is extremely hard working with an incredible attention to detail and an uncanny ability to anticipate what’s needed. I highly recommend Peggy, if you have standards, that is.”

- Brian Gast, Executive Coach, Author, Speaker


“I have found Peggy to be thorough, efficient, accurate, dependable, and engaging. I completely trust her with all my personal affairs and rely on her extensive business experience. Peggy holds herself to high standards and her word is her bond.”

- Rosa Mazone, Speaker, Educator, Consultant


“Peggy’s consummate professionalism, maturity, common sense, pleasant nature, and sense of humor make her an ideal partner for success. In addition to her skills and maturity, her ethical standards are beyond question.”

- Diana DeLisle, Virtual Assistant


“Peggy and I worked closely together—both side-by-side and virtually—for a number of years. She is great, motivated, and sincere in all she does.”

- Robert LaFlamme, Consultant